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As a sales team member my role in the Organization gives me an opportunity to represent myself as a custodian of Fortune Hotels. For the past two years, I have been showered with great exposure in the industry. I am glad to be working in a transparent and approachable culture that helps extract the best out of me and offers learning and growth.

Ajay Sharma

Regional Office, Ahmedabad
Our culture, that we have truly inherited from our parent organization- ITC, is what sets us apart from the other hospitality companies. Fortune Hotels as an organization is synonymous to nurturing talent.

Manoj Pandey

Corporate Office, Gurugram
Fortune Hotels have a culture of openness and support, they offer complete professional freedom to operate and strategize the businesses of the hotel. The organization invests in its people and allows individuals to learn and grow.

Devinder Walia

Fortune JP Palace, Mysore
The best part about working with Fortune Hotels is the work life balance that the company offers. The people here are like family to me and are always ready to help. Not to forget, the leadership is great and truly inspirational to work with. We share a culture of appreciation, warmth and of course lots of fun!

Manju Makhija

Corporate Office, Gurugram
Fortune Hotels offers a self-initialized approach for us to action things and gives us multiple avenues to share our thoughts and opinions with the senior leadership team. I feel proud to be a part of the Fortune family.

Sarvanan Dhanabalu

Fortune Select JP Cosmos, Bengaluru
Having worked for 15 years with Fortune Hotels at different locations, I experienced a very conducive environment for creative learning and ideas. Ours is a well structured and process oriented organization.
One of 'India's Most Admired Company' and India's ‘10 Most Valuable (Company) Brands', it is a great place to work- with the backdrop of ITC’s pool of knowledge and experience to back you and ensure quality performance at all times. I was provided varied opportunities to incubate businesses and advance in my career. I consider myself privileged working with an organization that’s leading the future of the industry.

Sanjay Pant

Fortune Inn Valley View, Manipal
At Fortune I have more than a career opportunity. I have the prospect of being who I am. Here, autonomy and responsibilities are handed to you from the moment you start. You get strategic direction but it is you who determine how to get from A to Z.

Abhishek Saklani

Corporate Office, Gurugram
Fortune has always given me freedom to work and express myself backed with a strong sense of job security. They take noteworthy measures to recognize and reward talent and performances.

Rohit Pachori

Fortune Landmark, Ahmedabad