Four of the Most Beautiful Hill Stations with Colonial Heritage in Himachal Pradesh

Colonial heritage forms a prominent part of the history of Himachal Pradesh. From the mid-nineteenth century onwards, British dominance had an influence on the architecture, education system, and religious beliefs of the region. With the end of British occupation, the former colonial haunts, quaint streets, and Edwardian gardens that dappled the idyllic landscape became a welcome addition to the itineraries of tourists from all over the country. Here are four of the most beautiful hill stations with colonial heritage in Himachal Pradesh:


The capital city of Shimla evokes images of snow-clad hills, cosy cafes, and sylvan mountain paths. As the former Summer Capital of the British Raj, the city’s colonial past is reflected in its varied skyline, which comprises the clock tower of Christ Church, the Jacobean facade of the Viceregal Lodge, and the remnants of British public space along The Ridge. This rather popular hill station has a lot to offer tourists including places to visit such as the Gaiety Cultural Complex and Shimla State Museum, and shopping at the famed Lakkar Bazaar and the Mall.


Situated between Chandigarh and Shimla, the town of Kasauli is located in the lower stretches of the Himalayas. Thronged by people all through the year, Kasauli boasts an assortment of Victorian buildings including the antiquated Kasauli Brewery and Christ Church. Thrill-seekers can plan a day’s trek up to Monkey Point and enjoy a ride on the Timber Trail Ropeway, high above the picturesque alpine forest that carpets the mountains as far as the eye can see.


Developed on the western reaches of the Dhauladhar mountain range, the eponymous town of Dalhousie was named after the Earl of Dalhousie, the Governor General of India between 1848 and 1856. Visitors to Dalhousie can observe buildings of Scottish architectural heritage, including St. Patrick’s Church and St. John’s Church. The nearby town of Khajjiar offers less in the way of colonial buildings but is certain to please outdoor enthusiasts with the provision of horse riding, zorbing, and fishing.


Connected to Shimla by the historic Hindustan–Tibet Road is the breath-taking town of Mashobra. The town’s early claim to fame stems from the Presidential Retreat at Chharaba, which was originally constructed by the British in 1850. However, Mashobra’s rolling hills and immaculate valleys harbour other treasures, including Villa Carignano, the spectacular residence of Chavalier Frederico Peliti, and the ancient Mahasu Devta Temple.

Located near Dalhousie, Kasauli, and Shimla, Mashobra forms the perfect basecamp for travellers who wish to explore the colonial heritage of Himachal Pradesh. Fortune Select Cedar Trail is an ideal full-service hotel for couples and families visiting this enchanting mountain town. With a plethora of business and leisure amenities, a restaurant serving local delicacies, and a host of day-to-day activities, our hotel promises unforgettable memories of Mashobra.

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